A 20% gratuity is added to all therapy services.

     Lost in Serenity Signature     

30 min. - $50  60 min. - $100  90 min. $150

Relax and take a deep breath. Indulge in our calming signature swedish massage as it delivers a variety of soothing therapeutic techniques in light to medium pressure.   

 Deep Coconut Surrender  

             90 min. - $150

Experience tropical tranquility. Warm stones prepare your back for firm pressure and relaxation while you luxuriate in warm coconut oil. A combination of tension-relieving strokes will loosen your muscles and have you feeling at ease.

        Infusion Sports    

30 min. - $60  60 min. - $120   90 min. - $180

Time to stretch and unwind. This energetic massage targets areas that are especially tight and need relief with stretching and deep tissue. Perfect for the athlete or workaholic.

  Royal Ritual  for Hands, Feet, and Scalp   

       30 min. - $70 

Oh take me away. Moist heat and reflexology pamper your hands, feet, and scalp.


  60 min. - $125  90 min. - $180

Aromatic ambiance. Venture to another world with this delightful fragrant massage. Scents are tailored to lift, soothe, or awaken your spirit. Includes deep tissue if needed.

         Hot Stone     

   60 min. - $120  90 min. - $180

Luxury and relief in perfect harmony. Warm stones are strategically used throughout the length of the massage to increase circulation and relieve tight muscles. With this added heat, muscle tissue releases more easily. Includes deep tissue if needed.

     Couples Retreat or 

   Friend's Getaway for 2 

            60 min. - $230

Ahhhh, indulge your senses in this aromatic escape for 2. Share relaxing time together side by side. Aromatherapy and techniques are tailored to help you unwind and awaken your senses. This massage is ideal for couples, friends, or even mothers and daughters.          


  30 min. - $60  60 min. - $110

This special time in your life needs special attention and positioning. Our therapists will have you relaxed and at ease. Only available for 2nd and 3rd trimesters.

   Gentleman's Escape    

 30 min. - $70  60 min. - $130   90 min.- $190

Just what the special man in your life needs. An extravagant experience to spoil him rotten including hot stones, moist heat, deep tissue, and aromatherapy. Top it off with scalp massage, and he'll be floating.

      Lady's Lucidity     

 30 min. - $70  60 min. - $130    90 min. - $190

Truly for the spa enthusiast. Enjoy a decadent pampering experience from head to toe. This massage has everything: moist heat, reflexology, scalp massage, aromatherapy, hot stones, and deep tissue.